Strawberry Pocky Vanilla Bean Cake

Pocky CakeThere’s a private joke about Pocky biscuits that exists between myself and one of my super awesome chicks of a friend, Lizarita.

It’s the type of joke that when you share out loud to the rest of the group, they all look at you with big eyes and wide smiles and exclaim enthusiastically, ‘Oh, that’s so funny’ at the punch line, although you know that they don’t really find it as amusing as you do and that because they are all also super awesome, they are trying to not make you feel so redundant for sharing a bad joke.

But nonetheless, you and the involved friend are laughing so hard your eyes have disappeared, you’re almost choking and your knees are all red from slapping them so hard.

Pocky Cake
Pocky CakeOhh, such fun times!

Anyway, Lizarita had been away for the past 2 years living the exciting London life, and so when she came down for a very quick visit, I decided to make her a Pocky cake in memory of our Pocky private joke (by the way, I’m not going to share with you what the joke was exactly about because I am still trying to impress you all and I need to sound as cool as I possibly can – at. all. times. :P).

Pocky CakeThe idea for the cake was completely stolen from SprinkleBakes, who I think is absolutely amazing!

The cake itself was more dense than how I usually prefer my cakes to be, but it worked really well teamed with the vanilla bean buttercream.

We also found that overnight the strawberry flavoured Pocky’s had infused themselves into the buttercream, and so the entire cake tasted like Neapolitan Strawberry Icecream the next day! Extra brownie points!

Pocky Cake

Lizarita has since returned to the UK, however she assures me that for this post specifically she will read all the words and not just look at the pretty photos (in reference to this post) haha!

Miss you muchies Leeze, and can’t wait for you to come back to Oz so we can continue with our lame jokes 😀



  1. This cake looks so cute 🙂 I want!! Katie x

  2. Words cannot express how much I love Pocky! I love it almost as much as I love Hello Panda, hehe.

    • bubblybaker says:

      aww thanks Erika! I loooooveeee Pocky so much too! I even named my dog after it haha! p.s. I was eyeing the Hello Panda when I was buying the Pocky and was totally trying to think of something to make with it!

  3. Oh my! How delicious!!!

    • bubblybaker says:

      Thanks Moira 🙂 And it smells wonderful too – totally made my fridge smell like strawberries, so extra points! 😀

  4. Liza Maire Manongdo says:

    Awwwwww I read it not only ONCE but TWICE!!! LOL Thanks for making the delicious pocky cake in memory of our inside pocky moment!! LOL I will never forget the TRUE disappointment on our faces! LOL
    Bubbly Baker you are truly AAAAmazing!!!!
    Miss you muchly my Huy Huy but don’t fret we will be reunited in no time to continue our emmmmmm hmmmmmmm moments!! “Papa papa!……..” LOL


    • bubblybaker says:

      hahah Leeza! Ohhh I’m so glad you read the post lol and I am truly looking forward to your return! And also to more baking times ahead! Miss you! And, yes, papa papa… HAHAHA! xx

  5. i loveeee strawberry pocky, will try this!!

  6. OMG I squealed when I saw these photos. How the heck did I miss this post and not comment earlier?! I LOVE strawberry pocky – my mom used to buy it for me every Saturday as a kid when I’d be dragged to Chinatown with her in the early morning to carry bags of groceries. Your cake is absolutely beautiful, like something you would buy in a bakery. Awesome job, girl!

  7. Glad I got to try this one – rather nice. I really liked how you decorated the whole cake with pocky sticks. Neat presentation!

  8. I wish that you would have shared the recipe :/

    • Hi Sohi,
      I linked the recipe back to SprinkleBakes page – you can find the link in the post where I write the word “SprinkleBakes” just after the second last photo 🙂

  9. Hi there! I really love the ribbon and twine you used to wrap around the cake. Do you have any details about those? Thanks!

    • Hey Lola, thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

      The ribbon that I used was just something that I bought from the stationary shop – around the section where they keep the gift wrapping. You could really use any type of ribbon you fancy – I am sure there will be heaps more variety if you went to a fabric store 🙂
      For the twine, again it was just something I picked up at a random store in their gift wrapping section.
      Hope that helps!

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