Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day Cake

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful day today pampering and  celebrating the love and joy that your mother (or any other loved one) has given you throughout your life.

To me, my mother is the most caring, kindest and fun person I know. She knows how to brighten up my day with her silly stories, and make me laugh about the most craziest things. She taught me what compassion was, and showed me the importance of appreciating every single thing and moment in my life.

She’s optimistic, vibrant, and always strives to be the best person she can. She is my pinnacle, my mentor, and my world. I feel like the most luckiest girl alive 🙂 🙂

So today, I baked her an Asian Sponge Cake with whipped cream and fruits. She has a very oriental palate, so most western deserts with the heavy butter and richer textures don’t sit well with her.

Mother's Day Cake

I dressed the cake up with some rockmelon and kiwi fruit, and sprinkled on some pomegranate arils (still obsessed!). Coincidentally the fruits we used to decorate the cake matched very nicely with the bright bouquet of flowers that we got her.


I hope everyone had as much of an enjoyable day as we did 🙂

And to finish off, here’s a photo of my mum and me a while ago being silly in the changing rooms at the shops.

Mum and Me

Happy Mother’s Day 🙂



  1. so beautiful….love the cake and the pics!!!

    • Hi Eva,
      Thanks for your kind comments 🙂 I was really debating whether to put up the pic of my mum and me for fear of being too daggy but I thought what the hec :p

  2. Liza Maire Manongdo says:

    Love, yummy and supper cute!!!

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